Jillian Ferretti - Valentine

Philip Garfinkel - Sir Andrew Aguecheek

Scott Harris - Orsino

Deanna Hartog - Viola

Sunny Makwana - Sebastian

Elizabeth Mialaret - Captain of the Tribe (Mom)

Susana Montoya Quinchiya - Olivia

Emily Murray - Tribe Member (Peaseblossom)

Zoe Patterson - Tribe Member (Moon Unit)

Larry Reina - Malvolio

Quint Spitzer - Antonio

Tom Spitzer - Feste

Julie Thaxter-Gourlay - Maria

Mathew Young - Sir Toby Belch


Peter Green- Director.

Carin Zakes - Producer

Zach Serafin - Production Designer

Terry Hanson - Costumer

Stephen Simmons - Bandleader

Karla Diamond - Choreographer

Claudia Marino - Assistant Director

Jenna Handschuh - Assistant Producer

Hannah Blake - Production Stage Manager

Kevin Rishel - Technical Director

Anthony Tedesco - Sound Engineer

Amy Rissolo - Wardrobe Manager

Serge Ghio - Poster Design

Andy & The Igniters - House Band

Production/Stage Crew: Amanda Albert, Ian Caruso, James Cherrico, Will Spitzer

Our House Crew:  Carolyn Nielsen, Andrea Winchester, Jamie Jensen, Karla Diamond, Nancy Pasquale

Marketing Team: Amy Simmons, Jamie Jensen, Katie Keohane Glassberg, Nancy Pasquale, Elizabeth Rotfeld, Carolyn Nielsen, Karla Diamond, Taryn Grimes-Herbert


Tel: 914 414-1226


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