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"And so good night unto you all..."
Epilogue, "A Midsummer Night's Dream,"


It was a pleasure performing for you this summer. We played 7 shows in 6 venues for 2000 people, we worked our ass-heads off, and we had tons of fun in the process.
The LawnChair company is filled with gratitude for our fans, friends, sponsors, supporters, and especially our audiences.
We hope to see you again; we'll be the ones onstage, and you'll be on the lawn. 

Love & Shakespeare,
Peter Green, Artistic Director

A Midsummer Night's Queen - The Company



Director: Mat Young

Arranger/Music Supervisor: Keith Levenson

Musical Director: Lisa Spielman

Executive Producer: Carin Zakes

Technical Director: Jac-que Robinson

Choreographer: Kelly Nayden

Stage Manager: Julie Saito

Combat Choreographer: River Glassberg

Assistant Producer: Zachary Slocumb

Costumers: Suzanne Hall-Fritsch, Cynthia Lambertson

Website: Rachel Schulte, Betsy Wilkowski

Poster Design: Serge Ghio

Live Aid Graphic Designer: Betsy Wilkowski

Sound Assistant: Ellie Bachelder

Music Intern: Jia Binder

Social Media: Rachel Schulte, Julie Saito, Cynthia Lambertson, Zachary Slocumb

House Management: Karen Zuckert

Publicity& Press: Ann Peterson



Hippolyta/Titania: Julie Thaxter-Gourlay

Theseus/Oberon: Lawrence Reina

Egeus: Phyllis Lindy

Hermia: Nikki Neurohr

Helena: Sally Rose Zuckert

Lysander: Noam Ben Yakir

Demetrius: River Glassberg


Quince: Shelley Lepetich

Flute: Chris Nigro

Snout: Kate Henerey

Snug: Charlotte Roth

Starveling: Neil Schleifer

Bottom: Mat Young


Puck: Rachel Schulte

Cobweb: Monique Castillo

Peaseblossom: Jenny Maso

Moth: Sara DeFelice

Mustardseed: Cynthia Lambertson

Arwen: Abigail Zuckert

Tinkerbell: Claire Kenny


Keyboards: Keith Levenson

Guitar: Kevin Kuhn

Bass: Randy Landau

Drums: Warren Odze

Magical Voices:

Regina Elliott

Maris Quagliata

Lisa Spielman

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