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Mat Young- Director

Carin Zakes Green - LCT Co-Founder, Producer
Peter Green- LCT Co-Founder, Artistic Director
Mat Young - Director
Jeffrey Loddo - Set Designer
Elizabeth Mialaret - Costumer
David Ryan - Technical Director
Claudia Marino - Assistant Director
Hannah Blake - Stage Manager
Marisa Zakes - Assistant Stage Manager
Anthony Tedesco - Sound & Technical Wizardry
Will Spitzer - Lighting
Serge Ghio - Lord of Graphic Design
Rachel Schulte - Choreographer
Jonathan Mohan - Construction and Running
Nora Wesson - Construction and Running Crew/Make-up
Benjamin Coy - Construction and Running Crew
Ian Caruso - Sound Operator/ Construction and Running Crew

Juan Londono - Running Crew

Front of House Crew:
Diane Bradsell, Scott Faubel, Terry Hanson, Jamie Jensen, Katy Keohane, Blanca & Adrianna Lopez, Carolyn Nielsen, Maria Reina, Anne Wennerstrand

Karla Diamond, Taryn Grimes-Herbert,Jamie Jensen, Katy Keohane, Carolyn Nielsen, Maria Reina, Amy Simmons, Quint Spitzer

Capitol Campaign Committee:
Katy Keohane, Richy Glassberg, Laura Slack, Richard Slack


The Court
Theseus - Jonathan Hall
Hippolyta - Nova Hall
Egeus - Elizabeth Mialaret

The Lovers
Lysander - Stephen Emerick
Hermia - Hilary Webster
Demetrius - Matthew Casey
Helena - Rachel Schulte

The Mechanicals
Peter Quince - Amy Simmons
Bottom - Peter Green
Flute - Larry Reina
Snug - Alison Soderquist
Snout - Quint Spitzer
Starveling - Charles Scattamacchia

The Fairies

Oberon - Geoffrey Gilbert

Titania - Brook Butterworth

Puck - Julie Thaxter Gourlay

Moth - Emily Murray

Cobweb - Jillian Ferretti Mustardseed - Rebecca Johnson Peaseblossom - Zoe Patterson

Nurse - Alicia Mahmoudov

Patchouli - Cynthia Lambertson

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