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Theatre Company
Port Chester Arts Festival 2023

We may have still been on hiatus, but we were happy to be a part of this event.  

The good people behind Port Chester’s artspace, Ice Cream Social, partnered with various artists and organizations to create our village’s first annual Port Chester Arts Festival. The all-day event took place on Saturday, June 3rd at venues around town, including the Clay Arts Center and the Capitol Theater.

We contributedto the free events, with members of our community offering three workshops in acting, improv, and voice. A fine time was had by all.

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LawnChair is grateful for the sponsors, supporters, and friends who have made our summer productions possible.  We were especially proud to announce our 2021 Season Sponsor, Combe Inc. 


Combe is a a family run global corporation headquartered right here in Westchester.  They put people’s most personal personal care needs at the center of everything they do. 


We loved having their support, and hope that Combe will have yours.

Record Breaker!

 On Sunday, July 25, 2021, 500 people saw our show in Hudson Park, more than had ever attended one of our shows before.


LawnChair Theatre Company is proud to

be a 501c3 non-profit organization!

Notable Moment

During our production of The Tempest, we came face to face with a real storm. Our indoor venue lost power in the last twenty minutes of the show, and the audience and crew lit us up the rest of the way. 

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