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Thank you to everyone who came out to audition! We are thrilled to announce this summer's cast:


Hippolyta/Titania: Julie Thaxter-Gourlay

Theseus/Oberon: Lawrence Reina

Egeus: Phyllis Lindy

Hermia: Nicole Neurohr

Helena: Sally Rose Zuckert

Lysander: Noam Ben Yakir

Demetrius: River Glassberg


Quince: Shelley Lepetich

Flute: Chris Nigro

Snout: Kate Henerey

Snug: Charlotte Roth

Starveling: Neil Schleifer

Bottom: Mat Young


Puck: Rachel Schulte

Cobweb: Monique Castillo

Peaseblossom: Jenny Maso

Moth: Sara DeFelice

Mustardseed: Hilary Webster

Eowyn: Cynthia Lambertson

Arwen: Abigail Zuckert

Aurora: Lisa Spielman

Tinkerbell: Claire Kenny

Art by Serge Ghio 

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