LawnChair Theatre

Contemporary Shakespeare in Westchester's parks.

A Midsummer Night's Dream- July, 2017

"Reason and love keep little company together nowadays.”
"A Midsummer Night's Dream", Act III, Scene 1

Shakespeare's most unreasonable and best-loved comedy gets its second LawnChair Theatre staging.  

Lovers, fairies, and an amateur troupe of performers cross paths on a midsummer night in the woods outside of Athens,  where mischievous spirits, mistaken identities, and magic potions make for mystery and merriment.

Our play is set in modern day Athens, where face-to-face connection has been replaced by screen-to-screen communication. Lovers, politicians, and workman  -  all are so busy perfecting their profiles that they fail to see the mystical world unfolding before them.

In desperate need of a vacation from the virtual, LawnChair Theatre’s production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream will ask the question “Can you hear me now? I’m standing right in front of you.”

This summer, LawnChair veteran Mat Young directs.  

Here's our cast!  "Here, I hope, is a play fitted."

The Court
Theseus - Jonathan Hall
Hippolyta - Nova Hall
Egeus - Elizabeth Mialaret

The Lovers
Lysander - Stephen Emerick
Hermia - Hilary Webster
Demetrius - Matthew Casey
Helena - Rachel Schulte

The Mechanicals
Peter Quince - Amy Simmons
Bottom - Peter Green
Flute - Larry Reina
Snug - Alison Soderquist
Snout - Quint Spitzer
Starveling - Charles Scattamacchia

The Fairies
Oberon - Geoffrey Gilbert
Titania - Brook Butterworth
Puck - Julie Thaxter Gourlay
Moth - Emily Murray
Cobweb - Jillian Ferretti
Mustardseed - Rebecca Johnson
Peaseblossom - Zoe Patterson
Nurse - Alicia Mahmoudov
Patchouli - Cynthia Lambertson

And here's the list of our quick-witted, warm-hearted, & able-bodied crew:

Carin Zakes Green - LCT Co-Founder, Producer
Peter Green- LCT Co-Founder, Artistic Director
Mat Young - Director
Jeffrey Loddo - Set Designer
Elizabeth Mialaret - Costumer
David Ryan - Technical Director
Claudia Marino - Assistant Director
Hannah Blake - Stage Manager
Marisa Zakes - Assistant Stage Manager
Anthony Tedesco - Sound & Technical Wizardry
Will Spitzer - Lighting
Serge Ghio - Lord of Graphic Design
Karla Diamond - Choreographer
Amanda Albert - Running Crew
Ian Caruso - Running Crew
Juan Londono - Running Crew
Nora Wesson - Running Crew

Front of House Crew:
Diane Bradsell, Scott Faubel, Terry Hanson, Jamie Jensen, Katy Keohane, Blanca & Adrianna Lopez, Carolyn Nielsen, Maria Reina, Anne Wennerstrand

Karla Diamond, Taryn Grimes-Herbert,Jamie Jensen, Katy Keohane, Carolyn Nielsen, Maria Reina, Amy Simmons, Quint Spitzer

Capitol Campaign Committee:
Katy Keohane, Richy Glassberg, Laura Slack, Richard Slack