LawnChair Theatre

Contemporary Shakespeare in Westchester's parks.

audition for much ado about nothing

Come join the family of LawnChair performers.

Auditions will take place a the Rye Arts Center, 51 Milton Road, Rye NY 10580

The first audition date is Thursday, May 2nd from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The second date is Saturday, May 4th, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.


“Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.” Come join us for the original romantic comedy: Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing! Set against the backdrop of a changing world, our players seek out love, understanding and laughter. 

LawnChair Theatre is a unique summer experience, where a group of Shakespeare-loving artists get together to create a little magic. Traveling around to various outdoor locations in Westchester, we all work together to put up a special piece of theatre, take it down, celebrate, and do it all over again the next night! 

If you are interested in auditioning, but cannot make the dates, please feel free to reach out to the director at

Please note that the character descriptions below are specific to our production, which will be set in Paris, France at the end of World War II. No French or British accents needed! All roles are open to any and all gender identities and ethnicities. 

BEATRICE - A French woman who is half Jewish, she posed as a Catholic during the nazi occupation; working for her uncle, Leonato, at his cafe. Strong-willed, intelligent and passionate. She is unafraid to speak her mind, regardless of what is expected of her as a woman. 

BENEDICK - An American soldier stationed in Paris during much of the war. Has a reputation for being something of a playboy, and a man who looks down on love. Close friend to Claudio. Falls in love with Beatrice, with whom he has shared a tumultuous friendship over the course of the war.

DON PEDRO  - A captain in the American army. Met and befriended Leonato during the war, having spent much time at his establishment. Superior and friend to Claudio and Benedick. 

DON JOHN - Don Pedro’s estranged brother. He sympathized with the nazis during the war, and is even suspected to have passed along classified information. 

CLAUDIO - An American soldier who falls in love with Hero, Leonato’s daughter. A very talented soldier, though still young and impressionable in many ways. 

LEONATO - Owner of a Parisian cafe. It was bombed at the beginning of the war, then hastily rebuilt. It also served as a sort of underground hideaway for people who rejected the nazi ideals and their imposed cultural rules. 

HERO  - Daughter to Leonato and Ursula. Falls in love with Claudio, and is wrongfully accused of betraying him at their wedding. Her parents have tried their best to shelter her, despite their involvement in the war. 

BORACHIO  - A friend to Don John, Borachio did everything he could during wartime to avoid joining the service. Works with Don John and Conrade to frame Hero.

CONRADE - A friend to Borachio and Don John, Conrade served in the French army, but was never really actively involved in any fighting. Helps in framing Hero. 

DOGBERRY  - A French constable who loves his job (though he is not very good at it) and thinks himself incredibly important. Often found talking too much. 

VERGES  - A French officer. Works for, and idolizes, Dogberry.

ANTONIO - Brother to Leonato.

URSULA  - Wife to Leonato.

MARGARET  - A young woman who works at the cafe. Singing a plus. 

FRIAR FRANCIS - The friar councils the family when Claudio shames Hero and calls off the wedding. He also marries both of the couples at the end. 

ENSEMBLE - To play a variety of characters throughout the play.