LawnChair Theatre

Contemporary Shakespeare in Westchester's parks.

Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds.
— Romeo and Juliet, Act 3, Scene 2

Our Romeo and Juliet was set in New Orleans in the 1930’s, where the music and the nights are hot, and passions and liquor flow.



House Montague

Monty Renfrow - Romeo
Hayley Orr - Benvolio
Michael Aurelio - Mercutio
Quint Spitzer - Montague
Kyle Thomas - Balthazar
Abraham - Channing Porter

House Capulet

Claire Hilton - Juliet
Tom Spitzer - Tybalt
David Ryan - Paris
Julie Thaxter-Gourlay - Nurse
Alicia Hiller - Lady Capulet
Scott Faubel - Capulet
Emily Murray - Valentina
Markiss Robert - Sampson

Apothecary - Elizabeth Mialaret
Friar Lawrence - Mat Young
Prince - Dave Baugnon


Emma Zakes Green - Director
Peter Green - co-Producer, Music Curator/Sound Design
Carin Zakes - co-Producer
Zach Serafin - Set Design
Fight Choreography
Karla Diamond - Dance Choreography
Terry Hanson - Wardrobe Design
Claudia Marino - Production Stage Manager
Steve Simmons - co-Tech Director & Boss Roadie
Kevin Rishel - co-Tech Director/Mover & Shaker
Holly Flieger - Queen of the Sewing Machine/Dresser/Crew
Carolyn Testa Nielsen - Maker of Masks & Mischief
Will Spitzer - LampLighter & Set Crew
Anthony Tedesco - Master of Sound & Light
Andrea Winchester - House Manager
Amy Simmons/Lorna Whittemore - Ad Peddlers/Booster Club
Amanda Albert, Karla Diamond, Scott Faubel, Carrie Fuchs, Mario Fuentes, Ted Hinton, Rachel Lachaga, Emily Murray, - Set Builders & Painters