LawnChair Theatre

Contemporary Shakespeare in Westchester's parks.




Director - Mat Young

Producers - Peter & Carin Zakes Green

Managing Producer  - Amy Simmons

Stage Manager - Alec Hufford

Production Design - Mario Fuentes & Wendy Van Buren

Technical Director  - Steve Simmons

Wizard of Sound & Light  - Anthony Tedesco 

Wardrobe Mistress - Tina Tedesco 

Original Music - Keith Levenson

Choreographer - Karla Diamond 

Ass’t. Stage Manager  -  Chet Sternlicht

Props - Jen Carriero-Dominguez

Music Curation - Peter Green & Mat Young

Script Adaptation -  Mat Young

Rockin’ Rigger  -  Steve Greto

Fabric Wrangler Extraordinaire - Holly Flieger 

Set Builders & Painters - Steve Greto, Anthony Tedesco, Steve Simmons. Mario Fuentes Rasha Clark, Larry Reina, Alex Clapp, Kevin Rishel

Sound Crew - Olivia Zakes Green & Jac-que Robinson

Publicity -  Anne Brady  & Karen Pennar

Headshot Photography  - Karen Pennar

Game Show MCs  - Peter Green, Mario Fuentes, Kevin Rishel, Laura High

Program - Carin Zakes & Denise Colangelo 

House Manager - Andrea Winchester


Commercial Actors - Steve Simmons, Channing Porter, Noam Ben Yakir

Lucentio  -  Chris Coffey

Tranio  -  Gwen Wiegold

Baptista  - Larry Reina

Katherine - Julie Thaxter-Gourlay

Bianca - Kathleen Nicholas

Hortensio - Adam Andrianopoulos

Gremio - David Wetter

June - Katie Raymond

Biondello - Dave Ryan

Petruchio - Kevin Patrick McGuire

Grumio - Alexandria Clapp

Curtis - Noam Ben Yakir

Pedant - Peter Green

Vincentio - Steve Simmons

Widow - Channing Porter